by stampeter

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very small album of new songs written in October of 2014.
thanks to judge russell of sleepover records and all my friends and family.
enjoy this album, i had a lot of fun making it.

"a wonderful emotional/emotionless mess of toy synths and snowmen"


released November 15, 2014

luca marie- vox, bass, synth, percussion, dulcimer
sassy- dog



all rights reserved


stampeter Monroe, Connecticut

"finesse boys" for inquiries

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Track Name: the flowers that grow under the fences
auschwitz snowfall in her eyes/metal gates built up so high/in her heart, in her house/don't let them get to her tonight/boots in the snow/trees fall down/riding the pavement/holding you down/blood on the ground/dandelion smoke gets in my eyes from time to time
Track Name: i'm sorry, let's try this again
orion tied your hands back/ with his belt/behind your body/the stars fixed in the sky/the scars shine for you/ i've never seen someone so blue/laugh as hard as you do/when you laugh at my jokes/even if it wasn't me who spoke

all your friends are dead and gone/or just sleeping

field guide to connecticut/and the contours of your body/but i only skimmed the pages in the back/ a graveyard up upon a hill/ looking down upon a lakeside/ and the losers that get caught up in the cracks
Track Name: space
it was late november and we were sitting by the lake and nothing had frozen over yet but you could feel it on your skin that it would soon and the trees overhead kept the secrets that we told to each other and i kept hers and she kept mine and every moment seemed to take up the right amount of space in between us as we sat on those picnic tables and talked about our childhoods that other people had ruined for us and that was the only time i'd ever seen my best friend cry and i felt like doing the same but the tears they just wouldn't come and she asked me why she couldn't get the courage to do anything that she needed to do and i said i don't know and i was scared too because i couldn't either and i still am and i could die tomorrow with the same exact questions left unanswered so i looked into the sky for a moment and i said what does life mean to you and she said i don't know and time still went by yet the seconds were everlasting and still i am so afraid to run out of them
Track Name: bye
the moon shines on/cracks along the pavement/worms that squirm/and turn into dust/in the dirt/i won't feel a thing except your fingers on my spine/fingers on my back/ window shades pulled tight/and coffee steaming black/steaming back to the place that we used to hang out/all those years in your basement/i know that i won't get them back/my coffee steaming black/window shades pulled tight/coffee steaming black/ i love you so much/i love you so fuck off/ leave me alone
Track Name: snowman for a snowman
call me/ what you want to/take me/with conviction/call me/on the telephone tonight/if you want to/if you have the time/tell me where you're going/before you go there/so i can go there too/and it's so cold outside and i need somebody to hold/it's so cold outside and i need somebody just as cold/as i can be